Where did the Moon come from?

By J. Richard Gott The standard theory for the origin of the Moon is that a Mars-sized planet (named Theia) collided with the Earth about 4.5 billion years ago, and that the splash debris formed the Moon. This theory can explain why the Earth and Moon have identical oxygen isotope abundances (as discovered by the

UFOs: Believe or Not?

Global warming. Species extinction. The end of fossil fuels. Without doubt, there are plenty of problems to cause you to sweat and fret if you’re concerned about our planet’s near-future. But how about adding this to your plate: alien invasion. Sure, it happens regularly in the movies, but what if it’s for real. One-third of

Ask an Expert: Can I Exercise Too Much?

Some believe that slaving away at the gym for hours may not actually be doing wonders for your body. The Hormone Diet author Dr. Natasha Turner warns there is a critical point at which the benefits of exercise are outweighed by the risk factors. Find out how long you should spend on your workout. Dr.

Apple Spice Cookie Recipe: Perfect With Breakfast or a Healthy Snack

Lucky for me, I don’t think I’ve ever come back from a trip up to Northern Ontario (where my parents live) without a care package from Ma McCarthy. This past weekend was no different — my mom sent me home with spelt flour apple spice cookies. I must admit, these healthy bites of deliciousness came

A Workout to Improve Balance

Dear Sarah,After reading your post on using the mini trampoline for a great workout, it got me thinking about my own balancing act. I notice during my flow class (mind/body program which combines yoga, tai chi and pilates, all set to music) that I lack stability during the balancing part. I always attributed this to

7 Tips for a Successful Marriage

Wondering if you have what it takes to make marriage work? Patricia and Gregory Kuhlman of Marriage Success Training have dedicated their lives to helping couples get on the right track. Keep reading for their top tips on keeping your marriage together. Q: Are there basic, common elements to every successful marriage? A: In happy,

The Care and Banishment of Yellow Toenails

Go ahead, take a look. No one’s watching. You can take a peek. You won’t like it, understand, but sooner or later you have to. See, I told you that you wouldn’t like it. Denial is not yet perfect as a yellow toenail treatment. Those toenails are still, well, yellow, aren’t they? They’re just not

Managing Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes usually presents itself during early childhood or adolescence, earning it the moniker of juvenile diabetes. What makes it different than type 2 diabetes is that with type 1, the pancreas stops producing insulin altogether. There is no cure for this disease, but you can manage type 1 diabetes through a regimen of

Debunking the 4 Most Popular Myths about Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is now gaining much popularity and recognition as more and more individuals are beginning to appreciate its natural and drug-free approach to health care. But despite the fact that chiropractic medicine has been around for ages, many still see it with skepticism. This is largely due to the fact that there are still

3 Lifestyle Tips to Feel and Look Younger

There are more ways to stay looking younger then forking out a couple of hundred bucks for the best wrinkle cream. Lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and other choices offer the benefit of maintaining a healthier and younger looking you on the outside and the inside. The key is knowing what changes you can make

Stamina Electronic Stepper

If you’re looking for a first rate cardio workout machine that takes up almost no room at all, this great little electronic stepper is just the thing. Are you limited in space but still want a great cardiovascular workout? Look no further than the Stamina InStride electronic stepper. This machine offers a footprint of only

Weight Loss Steps

When you’re committed to losing weight and are ready to get started, its worth knowing that there are really only 4 basic weight loss steps that you need to know that are crucial to your success. They are: Belive you can lose weight Define the amount of weight to lose and timeframe to lose it