Adult Education Careers


Organizations seek candidates who are able to train, teach, and instruct organizational knowledge to the employees. One need not have teaching credentials or certifications to do so; HOWEVER, it certainly helps and is highly recommended that if you are interested in teaching adults and having a career in adult education, that you understand it goes beyond just being able to stand up in front of a group and speak’.

Credit certainly goes to individuals who have a knack for public speaking, the passion, and desire to help others, and the ability to communicate. However, what about knowledge base in the area of interest? If you restrict yourself only to the organization’s information base, you are limiting your abilities. Why you may ask? Let me explain. You have vested time in an organization and chosen to become the training manager. Your ability to lead from the front is unquestionable, and you know all about the organization. You get the promotion and raise, and you are now teaching’.

Great! A few years down the road, there is a shift in the business economy and business modules. The organization is now looking for someone with a degree, to fill in, this very same position. Why the degree? You have been doing a great job. The demands are high and the organization, to stay afloat, must be able to compete. Having someone with a degree on their staff will show that the organization has educated personnel who can take this organization to new limits, even if the degree has little to do with this person’s abilities and capabilities.

Or, you may be lucky enough to stay in this position, but in order to get a promotion or a raise, you are now told that for this next step to happen, you must have a degree, as the position is growing and the organization is booming. Instead of having to face the possibility of lay off, no promotion, or a raise, you are now faced with a few options.

Options you may have acted upon in the past but did not give it much thought. There are many colleges and universities, which offer Adult Education Programs and certifications. Sure, you may feel you do not need the piece of paper to validate your resourcefulness, experience, and knowledge, but the outside world does not think like that. Yes, this may be very unfortunate, but the reality is education is important.

I would recommend that people look up adult education programs, both on ground campuses and online. Jones International University offers one of the best Adult Education programs out there. The program is flexible enough that it allows the learner to know a little bit about everything in relation to adult-to-adult teaching and organizational information necessary for upward mobility in careers. The program is project-based, where in each class; learners create projects relevant to an organization of choice and relevant to the subject of the course. You will find yourself immersed in knowledge that you may be very strong in, or knowledge acquisition that you need to know so you have a better understanding of what your capabilities are worth, and what your potential is, and where it can go.

Jones International University is one example, but many universities now have the adult education field as a graduate level program, because they now realize that not everyone is cut out to just be a teacher of students in a classroom setting. The program literally allows learners to expand in their initiatives; from ethics, to needs assessment, learning theories to interactive course designs, what you learn, is what is in demand right now. In a few years, things may change again, but remaining flexible and keeping, an open mind is equally important.

I wish you the best of luck in your adult education career search.