Adult Education Careers

The value of a career in adult education will not come from your salary. It will not come from any significant recognition. The work will be hard and you will be taken advantage of time and time again. So why do it? What is the true value that would make anyone consider the giving of their time and life to teach people that should have gotten off their butts years ago? I’ll tell you…the value of investment in people.

There are a slew of avenues through which one can enter the field of adult education. Among them are teacher, instructor, tutor, professor, lecturer, facilitator, trainer, coach and mentor. But all of them have one thing in common: people who need.

It is not always fair to say that the people involved with the other side of adult education – the people trying to better themselves later in life – had their chance once and shouldn’t bother with anything at this point, other than go about their meaningless lives. In fact, many of the people who decided to go back to school after many years, or get training that they never received, DIDN’T ever really get a first chance. Usually, they made sacrifices for family and friends and somehow found their own selves lost along the way.

Those who chose to help those “first chance people” will find their rewards through the same path. The path of sacrifice. That ultimately leads one to the service of others.