Adult Education how to be a Good Visual Learner


When considering the way a person learn, it is apparent that, each person would have his or her own learning style which at times can be categorized into several broad categories. These categories include, visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners whereas some may demonstrate abilities which fall into two or more of these learning styles as well. Determining your learning style would be a great advantage for any learner as it will pave way to make use of suitable learning modalities as well as avoid modalities which do not seem to make an effect on achieving effective learning.

Overview of visual learning:

Visual learning is the learning that takes place thorough visualizing what is being learnt and would be facilitated by looking at diagrams, pictures, charts or else even by looking at text. Such learners are known to be organized and would be easily distracted by background noises and other events that take place in the surrounding. They will often have clear and readable hand writing and would be masters of highlighting important points in the text books as well as illustrating the learning that took place through means such as maps, diagrams and charts. At the same time, these learners will be good at describing charts and other imagery and would show difficulty in instructions or assignments which do not have a visual backing.

The way to become a good visual learner:

Therefore, if you fall into this category of learners, it is high time that you adapt the following strategies in order to gain the most out of your abilities.

• Discuss your abilities and strengths with your teachers as it can promote them to give more visual directions and inputs while the learning is taking place.

• Make use of a diagram or a map to detail out the learning that takes place rather than trying to write everything in a paragraph form.

• Use different colors and shapes in order to memorize important content as well as to organize content for review purposes.

• Seek the possibility of obtaining a hand out from the lecturers as it can provide you with the guidance to assimilate knowledge as well as to recap what was learnt at a later instance.

• Avoid noisy environments and the background music as it can hinder the ability to comprehend and study effectively.

• Group with other students whom will be similar visual learners as it is possible to share knowledge assimilated by different students according to their own perspective.

• Make use of flash cards to memorize and review learning.


These measures will most likely to improve the effective learning that is taking place in a visual learner although one might not be able to incorporate all these measures at the same time. But, certain visual learners would have their own way of learning through visual inputs and ultimately having a unique method would probably be the most effective method for each learner.