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For most students, good writing skills can be considered an indubitable asset.  For the adult student, writing skills are truly vital for a number of very good reasons.

In the first place, most of the assignments and examinations are done in the format of essay type questions.  Therefore, you need to have good writing skills in order to get good grades.  There is also the very important fact you may need to write a project or thesis in your final year.  To do this, you need good writing skills as well.

Again, as a mature student, you need education to get a better job or get a higher position in your present job.  Therefore, good writing skills will help you to write an excellent resume when the need to do so arises.  You also need good writing skills to write very good reports.  There have been instances where workers get positions of responsibility by virtue of writing excellent reports for their bosses.

In addition, as an adult student, good writing skills are bound to do you a world of good.  This is because if you can write well, this will boost your confidence.  A lot of jobs these days come with the proviso that the applicants have good writing skills and good communication skills.  With good writing skills, you will be a much more confident person.  And this confidence will open doors for you.

The present era of the internet has opened up a huge opportunity for people that have good writing skills.  As an adult student, you can take advantage of this by trying your hands on some lucrative writing even as a student.  You can write articles and get paid for doing this convenient job.  You can also set up a blog of your own or simply build web sites and create your own content.  All these cannot be done if you don’t have good writing skills.

Finally, you need good writing skills so that you can sell yourself to those organizations that matter.  You want to apply for a grant, for instance, you need to write out clearly what you need the grant for and why the grant should be made available to you. If is a scholarship you need, this also involves writing skills.  In some cases, your job might involve having to do some technical writing.  Without good writing skills, you simply cannot do your job.

So, as you can clearly see, good writing skills are almost indispensable.  Get yourself some good writing skills and you can write your own ticket!