Adult Education Tips best Web Sources for used Textbooks

If you’re an adult and have been out of school for a while and have now returned to take courses, it can be quite intimidating on the first day of class to get a reading list of dozens of books you have to buy for your new courses. You could head over to your academic institution’s bookstore and find the titles, but chances are, it will be packed with eager students and the titles way, way overpriced. A better source is to look for your textbook needs online to save yourself money and the lineup.

Before you order anything and start your book shopping, make sure you ask your professor or instructor if older textbook versions are acceptable and survey syllabus to see how many actual pages out of the book you will need. If they are few, you can easily photocopy them from library books and not buy the book at all. Also clarify if the resources are required or recommended; if they are simply recommended, there’s no reason for you to go out and buy them.

Using google search to find books can be confusing, especially if the book has multiple title matches. Make sure the book title, the author, the publisher AND the ISBN number match your reading list. You could find yourself buying an entirely different book, if different books have the same title. When you are finally ready to go book hunting, here are some good book sites that can help you source out second-hand books.

Keep these sites on hand so you can also SELL your used books back to them at the end of the term, if you wish to do so.

Alibris has many books that are sold and shipped internationally. The site also stocks new, used, rare and out of print books. Some types of books qualify for free shipping. Individuals as well as independent sellers advertize available titles here. Because titles can ship from any country, make sure you total the shipping fees before you order, as they could get expensive and arrive later than expected.

Amazon has a great reputation for excellent customer service, multiple sellers and fast shipping and is promoting FREE two day shipping for back to school.

Bigwords helps you get big savings and comparison shop and tells you the best place to get your books, based on price. They offer coupons, promotions and multi item discounts for even lower prices. They also carry dvds, games and music.

Valore Books boasts over 100 million titles for your perusal and is the student textbook marketplace. They also promise very high buyback payouts, when you are ready to sell your texts.

Biblio is your ‘biblioteque’ for getting all kinds of books, even rare, used and out of print titles from 5500 independent bookstores. A 30 day money back guarantee accompanies your purchase.

Abe Books has a passion for books and offers 110 million titles. They are a general bookstore with a section of new and used texts. Their affiliated sellers promise quick shipping and a money back guarantee.

Books4Exchange is an exchange site dedicated to students and offers texts to sell and buy. You can find a student who has a book you need either by school, title ISBN or even school name.

BookFinder4U will find you the text you are looking for, and tell you where to get it cheapest. Compare textbook prices and save over 90% on titles. You can also find books according to country.

Ready to sell? Go to to get a live buyback price, advertize to students on your campus, and find the nearest walk-in location sales point closest to you.