Adult Education Tips Coping with Age Differences in Class

You may have heard the term of “adult education” tossed around back and forth. But, you may not understand what it may mean. The term of “adult education” can be rather broad in regards to explanation for the most part. In generalization or “layman’s terms,” adult education is defined as the following: the practice of teaching and educating adults. In the case of the United States, adult education would be classified as going to an “adult school.” This is normally for those who have dropped out of high school. Instead of graduating and getting a high school diploma, those that graduate from adult school would get a GED. The GED would be the equivalent of a high school diploma.

However, the environment of an adult school can be rather different than your typical high school environment. In the high school environment, students are usually between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. However, there are students that might be at the age of twenty. In the case of an adult school, the students come from different age ranges. You could compare the student body of an adult school to a platoon of recruits going through basic combat training. If you are going to an adult school, you may be in a room with students that are older and/or younger than you are. How do you cope with such an environment?

The first thing to do when coping is that do not try to cope. Trying to cope with the differences in ages between students in the classroom shows that you feel intimidated or inadequate about yourself. In addition, there is another thing you have to realize: you are not the only one. The older students could feel the same emotions you are. Like you, those students are trying to cope with the differences in ages.

The second thing to do is to just see the other people as students wanting to learn. Like you, they are going back to school and wanting to get a GED at the end. In this respect, you should keep this philosophy at heart: “Age is nothing but a number.” In the classroom, age is really nothing but a number. You are all equal in the classroom regardless of age.

The third thing to do is to just focus on the assignments given to the teacher. Other than that, you have no reason to be intimidated by the difference in ages between the other students. This is somewhat similar to the environment in a college classroom in which the students are of different ages.

Overall, the best way to cope with differences in ages is to not let it get to you. You are all in the classroom to learn, that is all.