Adult Education Tips how to Decide on a Major

It can be very challenging to decide on a major.  The major you choose can lead you into the career of your choice.  This can be especially complicated when you are not exactly sure of what you want to do.  The following are tips on how to decide on a major.

The first thing that you should do is to consider the job that you want to have.  If you do not know the exact position, then try to think about the field.  For instance, you may know that you want to be doctor.  Alternatively, you might know that you want to be in the medical field, but are not exactly sure of what position within it you will go into.  Once you know what position you want, think about the majors that lend themselves to that.   Some are very obvious – if you want to be a psychologist for instance, then you are likely to choose the major of psychology.  With other fields, however you will have more choices. 

If you are looking to get into graduate school, you should look at the prerequisites that they require.  Some of them will give you credit for certain undergraduate courses, so you might be able to get ahead with that.  You can choose the best major to help you get into the graduate school.

If you really have no idea on what you might want to do, then you might want to choose something versatile.  A lot of people choose liberal arts degrees.  If you know that you want to work for some sort of business, then you can get a business degree.

Of course, you will want to think about your likes and dislikes when choosing a major.  You want to enjoy the classes and learn a lot.  Learning about things you are interested in can help lead you to a position.

If you do not know the career to trace back to a major then think about the careers that can come from a major.  If money is very important to you then think about how the people who graduate with that major do in the working world.  Obviously, this will range, but certain majors lend themselves to be more or less lucrative.

Find out about the particular majors at your school and the ways that they are taught.  Some of them may have teachers you like better or better styles of classroom instruction.

It can be challenging to find a major.  Utilize the above tips to help you make this decision.