Adult Education Tips how to Handle Test Anxiety

As an adult, you may feel like you are too old for test anxiety, however the truth is that many adult education students suffer from this crippling condition. It can sabotage students no matter how long they have studied. In many adult education classes, a single test score can have a major impact on grades, so it is important for students to take as many measures as possible to reduce test anxiety.

Try relaxation techniques before the test

You want to go into the test as relaxed as possible. You can meditate before the test. You will find guided meditation tapes that you can purchase at websites like You should make sure that you get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast because exhaustion and hunger can increase test anxiety.

Study sufficiently

The more you study, the more likely you will be comfortable with the knowledge. Mnemonic devices may help you get the information more solidly and be less likely to forget it in a fit of test anxiety.

Take practice tests

You want the testing environment to be as familiar as possible. You can help yourself get accustomed to it by simulating it. Some adult education teachers will give students copies of practice tests before the tests. You can also make your own test out of questions from the book or even create your own questions. Practice working with a time deadline. The more you do it, the more you will become used to taking tests, and it will be more comfortable when you are actually in it.

Come up with strategies to help you during the test

No matter how well you prepare you may still feel anxious when you get in that classroom to take the test. Come up with some strategies to help you during that time. It may be as simple as counting to ten. If the teacher lets you make notes after the test has started, then you can write down some of the information you are afraid of forgetting.   

Bring something comforting in with you to the test

It is amazing how powerful little things can be. You may have a pen that your grandfather gave to you that brings up wonderful memories. You may have a favorite outfit that makes you feel better. All of these techniques can be helpful.

Go in with a positive attitude

If you think that you will forget everything on the test, then you just might. When you hear those thoughts in your head, then change them. This is the theory upon which cognitive therapy is based. Say that you will succeed.

Test anxiety can be difficult to overcome, but many methods are effective at lowering its impact. Adult education students should take as many measures as possible to lower their chances of this problem.