Adult Education Tips why Good Writing Skills are necessary

Returning to school means encountering new educational standards that require the writing of academic papers in almost any course you take. Some adult students are overwhelmed by the amount of writing that’s called for. However, good writing skills are necessary in virtually any endeavor you undertake.

Most jobs require good written communication skills. The academic writing you do in college will prepare you for any writing you may encounter in the workplace from written reports to transcribing meeting minutes. You must understand how to express yourself both verbally and in your writing.

The formality of academic writing also draws your thought patterns away from the generalized slang or casual conversation that takes place in your normal life. You will be required to form complex sentences that are complete and comprehensible. You will learn how to create a thesis and prove it in a concise manner. The ability to compress your thinking into a logical premise that will be proved over the course of your paper gives you the ability to think quickly and efficiently. This is something that will serve you in every form of writing you do throughout your career.

The writing you do in college will also teach you how to conduct research. You will learn how to cite sources and what the difference is between quoting an idea from another source and plagiarism. Conducting research is a skill many people who have never been exposed to academic writing have no idea of. These days our research capabilities have been expanded through the internet however many internet sources are unreliable. In college you will learn how to differentiate between a reliable research source and an unreliable one.

In your academic writing you will be asked to look at situations, form opinions and write logically to defend your opinion. Often we might say we don’t really have an opinion regarding one subject or another but in college you will be asked to take a stand and defend it through your writing.

Often in our work we are asked to research certain facts, come to a conclusion based on these facts and report on our findings both verbally and in written form. If you can write your thoughts clearly and comprehensibly it will help you present your findings verbally, but your written report with your conclusion defended through close evaluation of the research will be the evidence that may support action that is taken. Your writing skills become very important in communicating what that action needs to be.

Though we may think the writing demands of college are extreme they have direct results for us once we leave school and pursue our careers. No longer is it enough to simply get the job done. The modern work place requires everyone to have verbal and written communication skills that need to be of high quality.