Adult Education why its never too Late to Return to Education

Whenever talking about education with loved ones or co-workers it’s common to hear the phrase “if only I was younger” or “I’m too old to…”  The truth of the matter is that that kind of statement is just a subterfuge.  It’s an excuse to forego the illusion of the rigors of self-discipline.  Is adult learning really that difficult?  Does it really require hours and hours of quite study and brain-busting thought?  No, it doesn’t, and it’s easier to do that you might think.  Let’s explore why it’s never too late to return to education.

Most adults can name at least one or two skills they wish they had learned when they were younger.  Perhaps something that would help them in their current career, or perhaps something that would have changed their chosen career altogether.  Therein lays the crux of the matter: work…work, work, and work.  It’s that thing that, for most adults, sucks the very life blood from your veins and leaves nothing for your family, your hobbies, and your health.  However, it’s that very nature of work that should drive you to want to want to learn.  To learn how to do it better, to learn how to do it more profitably, or to learn how to do something else.      

Truth be told, it does not cost much or take all that much time for an adult to return to education.  Adult education delivers opportunities to equip you with the skills to take part in your life; your life as a parent, a family member, or community member.  Adult education can give you the skills required to become competitive again in an economy that is ever changing.  The opportunities that once existed in the economy yesterday may no longer exist today, but you still need to eat, you still need to smile, and you still need to sleep, so look to education as the avenue to get you there.  Many classes are held in the evening because it is understood that adults typically work the morning to afternoon shifts.  You can earn your GED, a Certificate in a particular skill set, a Vocational Certification, or even a Master’s Degree online. 

Whether you are an adult immigrant looking to learn English, an adult with disabilities, or you come from a disadvantaged background there are opportunities at your disposal.  Check your local city website for programs geared toward adult students, or local community colleges for class times, dates, and costs.  Replacing two hours of T.V time with two hours of learning will return to you a more memorable experience and one that will have a deeper impact in your life and the life of those around you.  From single parents looking for career advancement, to elderly adults looking to learn a new hobby, to the college graduate wanting to get that next degree, it’s never too late to return to education.