Adult Students Anxiety

Attending college as an adult can be a totally different experience than when you were fresh out of high school.  You are at a much different place in your life when going to college as an adult.

When you’re fresh out of high school you have youth problems – such as young relationships, deciding where to go to college and being on your own for the first time.  When you are coming to college for the first time as an adult, you could be faced with many other things.  These life obstacles could include having a child, being married, owning a house, and rusty school skills.

So now you have made the decision to go to college.  Now your life will have to be prepared for this to happen.  Now you might need child care, an extra job, and your spouse might have to pick up the tab around the house to help out.

Some anxieties that might arise for adults could be things like remembering things that might have been taught many years ago.  Another thing might be the social aspect of going back to college, such as how to interact socially again.  Studying and how to study properly might be another fear an adult student might have as well.  As far as a family to worry about as an adult student, this might also cause great stress.  You might worry about how you will pick up kids and how to manage your time for your family.  The adult student might also worry and get great anxiety from the added stress on their relationship with their spouse.  Trying to manage taking full-time credits in college can be very difficult as an adult student with many responsibilities.

On top of all those reasons why adult students might have high anxiety levels going to college, you also have the age factor of the student.  They might think that I need to make sure I get this education for my family, or so I can get into a certain career.  This might be a tough field to get into once college has been completed and the degree has been earned.

In conclusion, if you are an adult who is thinking about going to college and you have many responsibilities, make sure you think of all you will have to keep up with.  This is definitely possible, but just be aware of the things you will have to adjust in your life.