Adult Students Tips for Organizing your Time

Organizing Your Time While Going Back to School

So you’ve just decided to go back to school. Whether it is finishing up High School with a GED or going to a Community College or going back for your graduate degree, you do need to have time to do everything.

Some things you need to consider are: Your children – how they will be cared for while you are in school; are you also working; do you do a lot of work at the church; needed time spent with your spouse or children; time for recreation.

You will first have to set priorities. What things are most important to you? What things are a must on your agenda along with school?

First decide on the things you must do regardless of school. Buy a nice organizing calendar notebook. You should have one that has a lot of room for each day, since there might be a lot of things you need to do in one day. Don’t spend too much money on it. Check out the dollar store first. You could also check out flea markets. They can get quite expensive if you buy them off the regular shelves.

Now write down all the most important things that you need to do, not counting school.

Fill in your calendar notebook with dates and times that you have to do these things.

Next you will be registering for classes. If it is GED, you may not be able to pick your times. In that case, you will have to make adjustments accordingly. If it is college the same classes fall on different days and times. Go through the class schedule to pick the best times available for your classes so that you can do all your other things. You might have to cut back on a few things that you are now doing too much of.

Try not to cut back on your husband/wife or children. Since these are probably your highest priority.

You will need to set time aside also for study. If you have extra time while you are at school, try to get some studying done at your school library, or in the student union or activity center. Because once you get home it will not be as easy to divorce home from school and just sit down and study.

A good way to get a lot of studying done on campus is to find friends to study with. Sit in a circle and ask and answer questions. The studying and remembering goes much faster.

As far as meals go you may have to cut back on your cooking time. You can arrange eating out maybe on weekends or ordering Chinese or pizza for certain heavy schedule days. Remember you can always eat lunch or breakfast on your college campus. You can also bring a lunch and eat while you are studying or in-between classes.

If your children are younger than 3 you may need a babysitter. This can be a little costly. Then there is day-care for the child before he starts public school. Once the children are in the public school, the only things you need to consider is getting them off to school in the morning and being there when they get home. The best time to go back to school is when your children are teenagers, but it all depends on you. You have to decide. You will need to add all these things into your schedule before you register for classes, so that you have the time for everything.

Don’t forget to make special meals for your family sometimes. And get your husband and children to pitch in. They could have a special day to make a special meal also, giving you a breather.

If you can afford a housekeeper or nanny or cleaning lady, make use of these valuable people and their services.

Have fun organizing and going to school. It’s a great experience. I’ve been there!