Advantages of Distance Learning

It’s amazing how few people realise that challenging yourself to explore new horizons is actually very easy. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the plethora of distance learning colleges and courses, anyone from a gran to a teen can revitalise their career – and their life.

There are quite a few advantages to distance learning. You can structure your study time around your life and commitments so you are always able to fit it in. You can choose how and when you study and use systems that suit your personality.

There are also so many courses to choose from that you can easily move from one to the next. Who says you only need one qualification when you can have two or three! Subjects available from distance learning organisations, such as the well-respected Ruskin University, include management and leadership, MBA, finance, law, technology, charity and social enterprise, and education. There are up to 46 different courses available and you get qualified support and understanding from experts and professionals in their fields.

So, how do you choose which course is the one for you? Well, this will probably need some research and a lot of soul searching. Yes, it would be nice to be a multi-billionaire businessperson sitting on a show like Dragon’s Den and dishing out cash and advice, but if you are terrible with numbers or get headaches with maths, perhaps move on to a more sustainable dream. Or at least, a dream that won’t have you living off painkillers.

If you are working with an organisation and are looking to improve your chances of promotion, or want to branch out and away from your current career and into something new, consider chatting to your colleagues. Ask them what they perceive as your strengths and weaknesses. Their insights may help you find a path that is utterly perfect for you, yet you may not have even considered before!

Another factor in determining what course you do will be whether or not you meet the entrance requirements. Unfortunately not all distance learning courses are created equally and many demand that you have already completed a degree or done a set number of years of work in a specific area.

Check the course requirements and the overview before you commit, just to make sure you are not disappointed in the long term.

Finally, check and see what career paths your chosen distance learning course will open up for you and make sure that they are not in stagnant or closed markets. It is all well and good spending hours studying and getting great results, but if there is no work in that sector it will all be for nothing.

The bottom line is this: choose wisely and you will reap the benefits, both personally and professionally.

It’s never too late to learn!