Breaking down the Barriers associated with Adult Education

Improving life Through Training

In most states there is a welfare to work program, and in the beginning it seemed like a good idea. What could be wrong with training Welfare parents for jobs so that they can be active members of society and support their children well? The idea was a good one, or so it seemed. The problem is that they treat all situations the same way and each is unique with their own set of circumstances. There are women in this world that have no job skills because they never had to have them. Some woman got married and made a life as a stay at home Mom with no intention of ever having to go it alone. So they stayed home, took care of their children and their husband with no idea that one day he was going to leave them with no way to help them selves. These women are looked at as fools by society. That isn’t fair, they are being penalized for having dedicated, old fashioned values. There is still, in this day and age, people that respect the home and hearth concept of life. Unfortunately they are a very small majority.
Once these woman find them selves alone, they need to go to work or to welfare. The state helps a great deal but what they are able to give is sometimes not enough. Training a woman, or a man in some cases, is a good plan, but while they train for a job the money from the state should be able to support them. They should not have to be afraid that they can’t pay their electric bills or keep the cable running. They should get an amount that is enough to not only pay utilities but can also buy diapers and toilet paper. Food stamps help, you can buy candy and soda on them but not diapers or toilet paper, the necessities of life consist of more then food. Can any one live on $350.00 cash a month with the rents as high as they are. Getting a job is a good idea even at a department store or fast food place, but what if the community doesn’t have good public transportation, like Pennsylvania for example. Unless you live in a major city there, you are virtually stuck in your house if you don’t drive.
Don’t get me wrong, the Welfare system does quite a bit for the underprivileged, but there are many things they just don’t look at. Reality is that every day the costs for the basics go up. If a mother can not keep her baby in diapers or turn on the tv so that her children can watch Sesame Street, she is going to feel helpless and hopeless. If a parent feels hopeless, what kind of a parent will they be? This system is flawed greatly, not in the hidden way that most government programs are, but in the most obvious and tragic way imaginable.
They will pay for your therapy when you can’t take it any more, but not for the preventative medicine to keep you sane, a decent income.
Something needs to be done. Its a chain reaction, help develop health calm parents and we will have more healthy calm children. Peace of mind breeds a better life style. Better life styles breed better children growing into better adults.