Computer Skills what you need to know to go Back to School

Returning to school? Kids learn computer skills in kindergarten these days. They can point and click and zap circles around the rest of us. Elementary kids are engineering their own websites!

What computer skills do grownups need nowadays to keep up in school?


Adult education usually involves a fair amount of writing. Coursework may include essays, journals, and even term papers. To complete these requirements, you will need basic word processing skills. Creating and saving a document file, using a mouse to manipulate type, and keyboard skills are essential. Learning to save a file to a disk or portable drive will be helpful. Locating that file, after you have stored it, is important. You will have to print your documents to turn in assignments.


Quite likely, teachers and professors will employ e-mail to communicate with their students. You will need to know how to create and send messages, as well as how to open and read those sent to you. Opening file attachments and storing them to your own computer is important too. You may need to send file attachments, as coursework may be submitted this way.


A basic working knowledge of the internet and how to access and use it is fundamental for research in any school setting. Can you employ a browser or search engine to gather information on any given topic?

Entering your school’s website is also necessary. Syllabi, assignments, and announcements may be posted there.


Basic design may be required for some courses. Downloading, manipulating, and inserting graphics into document files is an extremely helpful skill for students. Research papers are often accompanied by photos and artwork.


Some classes may require spreadsheet knowledge. Can you create a database for addresses, technical information, or even your own expense budget?


If you do not yet possess these basic computer skills, do not be alarmed. You can take courses for that too!