Coping Skills during Exams

Anyone studying for exams, will be overwhelmed by the fact that they may not know what to read or have an idea how the exams will be set.This is a time for reading hard, passing those exams is very important to the individual and some sacrifices will have to be made in order for the person to concentrate on the revision period before the exam time. One can device means of how to prepare with exams and not fall into a panic mode.

Preparation- Is very important when one is about to sit for exams, reading and understanding the topics is a good start off point, one should try and read what they have been studying without panicking. Revising from the notes that were given by the lecturer is very important, one will be able to master the topic well with time, and they will be ready to sit for that exam. Revise for the exams in a systematic way, a revision timetable will come in handy, it will guide the individual on when to study the different topics. Eating of a good balanced diet during the exam days is very important, one should be fully taken care of in the area of meals.They will have energy and will not be affected by hunger pangs.

Study groups will come in handy during this period, there is a difference when someone else is expounding on a certain topic, different from how one may have understood it. A good study group will help everyone in the group fully master the topic in revision and there are higher chances of members passing the exam with flying colors.

One should avoid cram work, it is better to understand a topic fully well rather than cramming. It is a wise thing to do for one when they try to fully understand the main points of the subject. Cramming will not help much because if the question is rephrased and the person fails to understand how to answer it then they will have failed the exam, yet if they had fully mastered the subject then there are able to answer the questions asked from many different angles.

During exam times one should reschedule their daily routine, one should avoid any outings, stay home and read. Avoiding alcohol and any other activities that will deny the individual ample time to revise for the exam should be cut out. One should dedicate enough time for revision and make sure that they also go to bed early. Sleep is a very important part to human beings and that is why it is recommended that one gets an average of 8  hours sleep. Remember that the brain needs rest too and the individual should be able to get ample rest during exam times, this is will help the individual be fully alert and feeling fresh the next day and ready to do the exams.