Disadvantage of Auditing a Class

Disadvantage of Auditing a Class

Many a high school teacher has heard students say will I get credit for this assignment. If they are not going to get credit, high school students do not want to waste their time. Most students would think the same for auditing a class.


My grandmother was proud of being a non matriculating Washington State University in the twenties. After her father received paralyzing injuries, she had to leave high school to attend business school to learn the skills necessary to provide for her family. Later when she married my grandfather a senior at Washington State University, she took classes but could not get credit for them because she was a high school graduate. She defended the auditing because she was taking the classes for her own personal development and she was married so she would not need the actual degree. These times have come and gone.

A college professor took roll and said if there is anyone unregistered not wanting credit, you should remain silent. I do want to arrange for you to audit. If you are willing to take the course for no credit, then you want the knowledge for yourself and should not be charged tuition. Most college students would not be willing to audit in either situation. Students’ time is precious.

Time Restraints

The time it takes to gain a bachelor’s degree has been growing at such an alarming rate that colleges have been offering guarantees of four-year graduation or fifth year free tuition. Students do not have the time to audit a class. A class might exist that a student might want to explore, but has doubts as to whether passage of the class can occur. Other students may want to audit a class to assist in major selection.

In both these situations, the student places themselves at risk of not graduating on time. Colleges offer a viable solution, which has the student taking the class for credit on a pass/ fail basis. In this case, the student takes the course and can gain a pass for a minimal grade performance without impact on the g.p.a.

Tuition costs

Tuitions for college classes have risen to high levels. Most wonder whether auditing a class would offer as much benefit as self-study at home could accomplish for the cost of books and the internet.

Lack of Motivation

Students who are not receiving a pay back might not put a full effort into the class. My grandmother did all the work, because of the personal pay back. Today, a student who would do this for his or her own receives the reward such as the professor in the second illustration gave of tuition silence.

Auditing classes appear on the surface as education for education’s sake, but students might not like the drawbacks. With time at a premium and tuition charged at a premium rate, most students see audit as not worth the cost.