Education should Students take a Year off before going to College

Should students take a year off before going to college? I think it depends on the student. Some students are ready for college because they have been prepared by their parents and schools. Some parents begin early to prepare their children to be away from home. They teach their children how to take care of themselves, how to make right decisions and choices, how to react in and to different situations and how to manage their money.

Parents must know their children and train them in the way they should go.
Children learn by watching. And parents learn what their children are capable of as they watch them. Who would know better than the parents that their children are ready for college. Don’t just take their “Yes, I’m ready”, be observant.

If they are ready, send them off with your blessing and money. If they are not ready, and they still want to go, then you have to take the time to prepare them. If it takes a year, then let it be. It’s better to know that your child is prepared to go. Because if you send them unprepared, they will be back or not knowing how to handle situations, can send them somewhere else.

Most parents want their children to go to college. We just want them to have a better life. Until our children are a certain age, it’s what we want for them. If we pay close attention to our children, we can usually see what’s in their hearts. We will be blessed by helping our children be who they were created to be, not who we want them to be. Sometimes we learn that the hard way.

As we listen to our children in Middle School, Jr. High and High School, they will tell us what they want. Some will be ready to leave as soon as they graduated High School, some will linger around a little longer before they decide to go to college, and some may never choose to go away to college. As parents, we must help them decide on choices they must make and prepare them for those choices.

Some children will need to take a year off and some will be ready as soon as they receive their High School diploma. Let’s not put all our children into one box and decide what’s best for them. They are individuals and we must know them as individuals.