Going Back to School during Middle Age

Online and Adult education is great, but it’s not for everyone. I have been an online adult learner since April 2005. Prior to becoming a student, I had tried several times to just do it. When acheived my high school diploma, I went straight into a job in which I thought the pay was excellent. I came right out of high school making more money than most of my peers, and rushed into starting a family.

I tried twice to make it into a community college. The first time I signed up and went to my first class; never returned. The second time I signed up and never went. Needless to say my great aunt is a blessing. She had paid for all my failures through school.

Well, eventually the company I was working for moved twice, was bought twice, and merged once, I lost my job. By the grace of God I was able find another decent paying job because of my experience. Once I started and was secure with the company I decided to take a look into online education that would fit my schedule. I found that there are schools out there that you can work on your own time and still earn a credible degree. I am not going to mention the chool that I chose. You can email me if you are interested.

What I have learned about adult learning is that they key to success is time management. You want to make sure that you are blocking out time to focus on your schoolwork, and the time that you are devoting to your study, make sure that you are using your time to study. I know it can be easy to push it off and say “I can do it later”. Then you get too far behind and all of a sudden you are failing your classes. Make sure that you are blocking out time for yourself.

Entering college in your middle age is not a bad idea. Make sure that you research schools that will best fit your needs. Don’t pay attention to the tuition. The school’s financial aid department will be there to help you. It will all pay off in the end no matter how much you pay.

Do it!