How Adult Education gives Confidence

Self esteem is something which can fluctuate throughout the day and is the way in which persons view themselves. Many people suffer with low self esteem, however, there are many ways in which you can improve it, some of which are surprising. If you are an adult, taking on an adult-learning course can help to improve your confidence in many ways, it may help to give yourself a belief in your abilities which you previously were not aware of. Below are some explanations as to why taking a course can help adults with low self esteem to build upon their confidence. 


Sometimes having structure in your day can help your self esteem. If you begin the day knowing you have lessons to attend and certain tasks to carry out it can help you to have confidence in yourself. Your course may only take up an hour of your day but it will give you a certain structure- perhaps you need to make sure your children are in school earlier, or you need to get your evening meal prepped earlier. You will have to arrive at college for a certain time and be prepared for it. This will give your day meaning and purpose, the various tasks which you accomplish just sticking to a structure can help you to feel motivated and this can improve your self esteem.


When you learn something new it can be interesting. You could find what you have learnt really useful or eye opening. It may make you have a really keen interest and this can help improve your self esteem as you realise things you perhaps never knew. As well as learning facts and information you will also learn about yourself; perhaps you have performed better on a test than you assumed, perhaps your essay writing skills are actually better than you last thought. Through learning you an acquire confidence in both your abilities and yourself as a person and this will do your self esteem the world of good.

Meeting people

Through education you will meet other people. Some may be in a similar situation to yours, some may be very different but one thing which they can all bring you is self esteem. Being around lots of different people, meeting them on a regular basis will result in friendships being forged which will help your self esteem to blossom. You will share the experiences in the lessons with these new friends and this may also lead to other social situations. You will feel as though you are part of a community which perhaps you haven’t been for a while and this is great for self esteem.

Defining yourself

When taking part in a course you will be taking on a new part of your life. You will have various things which you need to complete and a structure to your week which may have been lacking. This can help define you as a person by adding this new element to your life. This can really help self-esteem, it may give you something more to talk about, you may realise you are very passionate about this area, you may realise that you have a love for learning and this can all really help with your confidence and how you view yourself.


When taking a course you will suddenly have a drive. You will be taking the course for a reason; to learn, to teach, to enhance yourself in some way. There will be various goals during this course; essays to write, tests to take and exams to pass. All of these will give you drive in which you learn to work towards goals and how to work through them. Having direction can help improve your self esteem as it will help give you focus.

Taking a course can enhance your self esteem in ways you probably never realised. You will find you have more abilities than you realised just by being motivated, have more of a structure and by learning new things about yourself and also the course you are taking.