How Rush Hours can Make us Smarter

Rush hour traffic is stressful, agonizing, and most important avoidable.  Yes, it is totally avoidable. With some extra planning and tenacity this rush hour can be turned into a perfect time for learning.  There are many ways the one can make rush hour work for them.

*Enroll in a Formal Class

There are many locations near work areas that specialize in evening and rush hour classes.  There are many extension learning centers.

It is a great time to step outside of the conventional box. Perhaps a cooking class is something to be productive and help pass the time.This is an hour that ma be an excellent time to learn and practice the ancient art of yoga.  It is much more than exercise. There are volumes to learn.  Maybe a bar tending class is just the thing to spice up the next family party.

*Distance Learning

Distance learning has come up to its own.  There are classes in a wide variety of fields and right on the computer. Choose a school that has a fully accredited program and plan class time during rush hour.  Simply step out of work mode and into study mode and take those classes that interest you or can help advance your career.

*Volunteer as a Tutor

It always seems that one of the best ways to learn is to help others and teach.  There are always tutors needed to help children, teenagers, adults, and elderly learn something new and different.  Rush hour is a great time to volunteer to help and learn along the way.

Check out the neighborhood by the office.  Is there an assisted living center or care center in the area?  Volunteer to read, help with dinner or just visit and learn from others.  There is really no greater honor than serving those in need.

*Participate in Passive Learning
Assuming that one has no choices but to drive during the rush hour there are still options.  It is a good time to practice passive learning.

Passive learning indicates a learning style that does not require a great amount of  concentration.  Let’s look at just such an example of passive learning. Quickly run through some commercial jingles.  Don’t think about it, just run them through the mind. What about the tag lines for some famous companies?  Seldom to people set out to memorize and learn these things and yet it happens.

So go ahead and get that text book on cd and put it in the player.  Turn the volume quite low.  It should not be overpowering in any manner.  Driving is the most important activity.  It simply should be back ground noise.  One will notice when reviewing the material it sounds familiar and is easier to remember.

Make that rush hour a time of learning and it will be well spent.