How to Compete with other Freelance Writers

How to Compete with Other Freelance Writers

Freelance writing has created multiple opportunities for aspiring writers, be it in real time journalism, or online marketing.

In a competitive writing industry many writers can fall in the routine of having their writings appear similar and unvaried. The plethora of web content one goes through is vast. However, this vastness does not necessarily equate to a huge amount of variety. So what qualities make up a good writing piece that has more likeliness of gaining the readers’ attention?

The content may be something as commonplace as kitchen utensils. But what makes the difference is the way it is presented in.

Many writers have a knack of ‘talking’ to the reader through the written content. They may use catchy words, their content has juice and a certain warmth in it.

Being original is foremost in achieving more attention. The tricky part lies in being creative and original in a topic that has been done to death and might appear to be humdrum. That is where the magic of words comes in.

A method Socrates used was to express his thoughts for countless hours to his listeners. An adaptation of this method to suit the writer is to start writing freely. To do this, sit down with your writing material, and just start writing whatever comes in your head. Practice writing the descriptions of things, people, objects and events that form in your imagination in detail. When you have flexed your imaginative muscles for a while, review what you have written.

Salvage the useful parts, cleave out the ones that will appear mundane or lengthen the writing unnecessarily.

This method is bound to get freelance writers an edge over their competitors. Ten freelance writers might be writing about the same topic, but if one of them uses his ingenuity and unique way of presenting ideas, his writing will stand out from the rest. The good thing is that even if all ten writers are using the strategy, their writings will not be identical. Each will bring something new to the table, enriching readers with their fresh originality.

Another useful tool in gaining an edge in the writing industry is practice. Simply put, the more you write, the better you get at it. But your aim should always be to provide correct, useful information in interesting ways. Words that just fill up spaces are less likely to attract attention. People read online content to gain something useful. And that should precisely be the aim of freelance writers, to provide useful content.