How to Find Time to Study when you are a Mature Student

When you are a student it is important that you have the time to study. When you are a mature student, however, you may find that finding time to study is more difficult than you imagined as you have other responsibilities which you need to full-fill too. If you want to do well with your course it is vital that you study and so you need to create time so that this is possible. Below are some tips to help mature students create the time they need in order to study. 

* Schedule.
It is important that you create a schedule so that you are able to see what is expected of you and how you can plan your time. On a week by week basis your schedule may change and so always re-evaluate it on a regular basis so that you can adjust your time accordingly. Write out a timetable of what you need to achieve and include everything you need to; this may include simple tasks such as collecting children from school, cooking dinner, filing some reports for work and so forth. Once you have everything in front of you you can work out when you can achieve these tasks and what windows are left open on your schedule which you can dedicate to work. A schedule will help you to feel focussed and organised but it is important that you do stick to it.

* Be realistic.
Be realistic with how much time you can dedicate to various tasks. You are not a superhuman, there are only a set amount of hours in the day and so ensure you do not take too much on. Do not be afraid to turn down invitations or to say no to certain things. If you take on too much you will put yourself under too much pressure which can result in your work not being efficient and actually costing you time as you will need to re-do it.

* Talk to others.
Involve your family and friends in your schedule. Explain to them how you are having to set your day out differently to before and how your study time is important. If your family and friends understand this they will respect it and be more supportive. Perhaps a friend will offer to run an errand for you to help you out or will take your children for an hour to give you some quiet time. If your partner and children understand your need to have time to work then they will be respectful of it, they may be less likely to add extra activities to the week or complain that you are unable to do various things.

* Have space.
Having your own space in which to study is important if you want to find time to study which may seem surprising. If you are sharing a space with another activity; perhaps your children are doing their homework on the table beside you or your partner is playing a computer game in the same room then you will find yourself being distracted. If you have distractions then you are less likely to be able to focus on your studying and this will cost you time and hold you back. Find a quiet place in which you can work, maybe you could go to the local library or use your spare room or just shut yourself in your bedroom and limit the distractions. This will help you to spend the time doing your work instead of being distracted by various things.

* Speak to your boss.
If you currently have a job speak to your boss about your studying. Your job may be able to help you with your study time especially if it is relevant to the work you are doing. Some companies may be able to provide you with a space in which you can study for a set amount of time during your working hours or maybe they will allow you to finish early one day a week. If you are honest with your boss and explain how you are struggling to find time to dedicate to studying then they may be able to help you.

* Make priorities.
When you are looking at your schedule make priorities. You might be able to cross some items off your schedule so that you are able to have more time to study or maybe some of your errands can be rolled into one. If you make priorities like this then you can free up more time than you realised and it can help to take pressure off you from trying to achieve everything which may not be possible.

When you are a mature student it can be difficult to find the time to study but if you are methodical in your planning, are open with those around you about the importance of working and dedicate a space for your studying then you should be able to find the time in which you can study.