How to Make a Good first Impression

Education is hard enough without starting out on the “wrong foot.” If adults are going to foray back into the world of education, they want to make sure that they are able to transition well and get off to a good start. The key to making a good first impression is to be aware of one’s surrounding and plan ahead for various contingencies. Obviously people can’t anticipate every situation, but there are certain steps in education that will help in the process. Here are a few adult education tips on how to make a good first impression.

Be early

The first thing that people have to keep in mind is that education starts with being on time. Too often students do not budget enough time to find their room, get to class, and be prepared to learn. Some instructors are fairly serious about starting class on time, and it can be a bit disruptive to them when people come in late. Therefore, getting to school a bit early and getting situated may be beneficial, even if it means waiting around for a few minutes for the class to start.

Be friendly

Another way to make a first impression is to be somewhat outgoing and friendly. This applies to both the instructor and the fellow students. Getting to know people can be a great way to network, and it is also a good way to make a positive first impression on people. Of course, being friendly doesn’t mean that people should be pushy. After all, some people do want a little space, so being too aggressive at first meetings can actually put people off a bit. Therefore, people should be friendly when they go to class, but not obnoxious.

Be prepared

When people arrive at class (hopefully early), they should get ready so that they are not scrambling when class starts. That means getting out a notebook and pen or laptop computer to take notes. It means getting situated so that when class begins the student can give the instructor their full attention. Again, instructors understand that not everyone wants to be there. However, waking up from a nap at one’s desk and rooting around for a pencil and crumpled-up paper is not a good way to show the instructor that one is ready to go.

Be ready to participate

Finally, making a good impression is often about being involved in the class. That means answering the instructor’s questions, raising one’s hand, and taking the lead in discussion. Of course, people should not try to hijack every conversation and elbow everyone else out. However, showing a genuine interest in the class is a good way for the student to show that they really want to be involved. Some students may not appreciate the active student because they themselves would like to be left alone. However, sometimes involvement can be contagious, and getting the class involved is another great way for an adult student to make a good impression.