How to Stay Focused

There are various reasons for a person to go back to school.  These reasons can include having had to drop out earlier in life to updating skills to advance in a career or even to change careers.  Some may not get accepted the first time.  One of the main challenges when going back to school is studying. Between work, family, and friends time has to set aside for studying.  So how do you stay focused on your studies?  Here are some dos and don’ts that can help.

Set goals:  Majority of the people find studying boring, which can lead to a lack of concentration on the task at hand.  By setting goals where you
want to be each week, month, and year, it can help you stay motivated and focused.

Don’t forget to prioritize:  Create a to-do list where you can categorize all the tasks that need to be done starting with the most important items.  This can help you get more organized and less time wondering what still has to be done or if you are forgetting something.

Your environment:  Your ability to focus on any task, such as studying, depends on the environment you are in.  Find a place away from any distractions such as TVs, phones, and phones.  Keep your area clean and have only the things you need such as the necessary textbooks,
paper, pens, and/or a calculator.

No multitasking:  Multitasking does nothing more than divide you attention and can only compound the problem when you are trying to focus on studying.  The best thing is to divide your time evenly and focus on one thing at a time.

Don’t ignore any problems:  If you find yourself having trouble understanding the material in any class, don’t ignore it.  Talk to your professor or
create a study group which can help with understanding the information presented.

Stay positive:  The most important thing is not to give up or beat yourself up if you get one bad mark.  Bad habits may be hard to break but by slowly replacing them with new habits can help shift your focus on those things that are important.  Instead of beating yourself up, be more patient with yourself.

Going back to school can be stressful, but you are not alone.  Just know that there are many services that universities to help mature students succeed while they attend school.  Believe that you can succeed.