How to Work and Study at the same Time

Studying is difficult; and working is hard. Can you successfully answer to the demands of your school and to your obligations at work at the same time? Yes, it sounds like a hard labor but countless of people have already proven that you can juggle your career and your studies to success. Find out how:

To the working student, here are the seven (7) practical tips you need:

Time management

You need to set your weekly schedule right: The time for work should not stand as an obstacle to your studies (and vice versa). Like many law students who are also working, they attend to their work during the day, and focus on school matters in the evening. You need to get a schedule that will allow you to juggle both work and school; and at the same time be able to maintain your effectiveness and efficiency which school and work continuously demand.


Working and studying can be very stressful; in order to survive in the long run, you should not deprive yourself of sleep. Every hard day’s work deserves a rest because tomorrow will be another day of heavy labor. Moreover, if your body receives the healthy amount of rest, you will be able to perform your activities better.

Know your main priority

Distinguish which one needs to be given more priority: school or work. The one which has more importance should be given more focus. However, this does not mean that you should not perform well on your other duty; but there can be instances where you will be pressed by both (school and work) at the same time and knowing which of the two is more important to you can help you come up with a better decision.

Avoid joining extra-curricular groups/activities

Joining these activities is always recommended. However, these groups will rightly demand another responsibility for you which will only add-up to your to-do list. A working student does not have much time for additional responsibilities; but if you can successfully manage all of them at the same time, then you may do so.


You should discipline yourself in order to avoid wasting your limited time. If time allows you to do an advance study on your lessons, do so. The remaining time can be used for your other assignments and responsibilities at work. Avoid being lazy and make the most out of every moment.  


Being a working student can be very frustrating, unless you really enjoy the type of work that you do and the subjects which you study. Pray to God and never hesitate to ask for His gentle comfort. God loves you and He is always with you.

Have fun

Have fun and treat yourself. Life would be a hell if you do not allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of this life. Buy your favorite food; watch a movie, etc. Love yourself.