Internet Research

There are many benefits to using the Internet for research. From having access to a plethora of information from anywhere in the world, at any hour, to being able to skim through a wealth of sites to gather the right level of information. The time-saving benefits of Internet research cannot be expounded upon enough and of course one of the biggest benefits is to your health.

Before the Internet was available to everyone, encyclopaedias, reference and other non-fiction books were used for research. Unfortunately as lot of the information was old or obsolete within months of the books hitting the printing press many students were at a disadvantage, especially if they were in regional or rural areas. Using the Internet for research not only remedies this problem, but allows a greater girth of information from differing view points, indeed from different cultures. The benefit of being able to gather up-to-date information from any point on the globe when we want it, not only satisfies our “I want it now” mentality, it allows us to add diversity to our research.

The amount and level of information a high school student needs varies considerably to that of a university student. Using the Internet for research however, is of benefit to both groups. A quick skim will tell the researcher whether the information is too shallow or too in-depth for their requirements. Using different search engines, such as Infomine or Google, can help with this; Infomine gives the serious researcher in-depth information from experts in their given fields, where a Google search can uncover the right level of information for the high-school student.

Not to long ago a search for information meant sifting through hundreds of books, taking notes from a page in one book, a chapter in another and perhaps nothing of worth from many more. Hours wasted trying to find the right books on the library shelves, skimming through each and every one until finally a pile of books with useful information formed a wall around you. Then you fritter away more hours writing notes and quotes. Using the Internet however, means you can skim through a mind-boggling amount of information from more sources than ever before in half the time. Even better you can copy and paste quotes into a document, saving not only time, but cramped fingers.

Sitting in one spot to gather information means consuming less energy drinks and fewer muscle strains. No more burning energy as you trot from one end of the library to the other searching for the right book, or an elusive librarian. No more injuries from stretching too high or lifting a tome only a body-builder could manage with ease. If you have the bonus of an Internet connection at home, you can avoid the inconvenience of traffic snarls or the horrors of public transport, which demonstrates that Internet research is of great benefit to a person’s health.

With up-to-date information, less pain, more energy and time to spare, who could find fault with Internet research?