Juggling Full Time Employment and Online College

Taking online college classes is very convenient for people who work full time.  It has made it possible for many people to attend college who could not attend a ground campus because of family or work commitments. However it is not as easy as many people think to juggle online college classes and a full time job. There are many obstacles in the way and it can be very stressful. Nevertheless, with the right commitment and time management, it can be done.

In most online college classes, there is no set time to log into the classroom. The only things that are on a schedule are the due dates of assignments.  It can be overwhelming to look at the whole syllabus at one time. It can seem like there is no way to get it all done in the time allowed. However it can be done. The best way to take each assignment and work full time is to take each assignment one at a time. If the class week goes from Monday to Monday and the first assignment is due on Thursday simply focus on that assignment first. Once that assignment is complete, move on to the next assignment that needs to be done.  By doing this you can focus all of your time on one assignment at a time, not several. Much of the time, each assignment will only take two or three hours, so doing one at a time will not take away from your personal or family life.

It is important to schedule time just of school. If you work from nine to five, set time for school in the evening after dinner and chores are completed. During that time, make sure that your only focus is on college. It can be one hour or two depending on the difficulty of the assignment that is due.

It is not necessary to read all of the required reading for the week. Most of the time in an online environment there is a lot of required reading. If you read all of the reading, you will not retain it and it takes a lot of time making it hard to juggle work and college. When starting an assignment, figure out what reading needs to be done to complete that assignment and read that portion of the text. If you have time at the end of the week, read all of the required reading. It is not going to hurt what you learn by only reading what is needed to complete assignments. Most online classes have a discussion area where students interact online with each other. This is the best learning environment of the whole experience.

Most important, set aside a day off from college to rest, It is extremely important to give yourself a day to relax and enjoy the things you like to do. This way you will be refreshed for the work and college week ahead.  It is best to make your college day off the same day as a day off work so that you can totally escape the grind of college and work.

Online college is convenient. It is also very hard sometimes. Learning how to properly structure your time and attack each assignment one at a time is a successful way to juggle online classes while working a full time job.