Mature Students how to Cope when behind with Technology

A brand new student walks into a class full of younger students, computers, and video cameras and waits until the teacher comes into the class. Soon after, the teacher comes in and says “ok everyone, turn on your computers and click on the blue folder”, the student then looks at the desktop and the screen and wonders how the computer works. There is nothing more difficult than knowing or not knowing in this case how to work technology. Most students know how to properly work a computer and most other pieces of technology, but sadly, not all do. 

Older students are usually the ones that have the most problems with technology, because these days at work or business not everyone or everything is updated. Most schools are up to date in technology but it does not mean that every class will teach their students everything that they need to know. In order to know the newest trends in technology or how to work a computer or more advanced tool, students can take online classes to be informed about how things work.

When you are behind with technology it can be easy to feel left out, or feel dumber in class. Students can cope with feeling behind with technology by getting update on what other people are using in their work, or by simply going to a store and looking at the newest computers and looking at what they have. It can be hard to not feel like you are old, or too out of style if you don’t know what the newest thing in technology is. However, the answer to this problem is pretty simple: get informed. In other words, do some research. If the first day of school, or the first time that you encounter something new in technology you don’t know what it is, then look it up that day or after class if you are in school, and find out as much as you can about that part about technology.

The one thing that people should know about technology is that it always advances in such ways that it makes it easier for people to do certain things on the internet or by phone. Technology advances in such a way that it makes it easier for people to get information by just touching a button. Most of the time people are confused when they do not see any buttons or a keyboard on the computer or on their phone, however, they need to know how to turn on the screen and start touching it to open up the files to get to what they want and need.