Mature Students how to Deal with Exam Stress

You are now back again in a learning environment after many years out of the classroom. This situation could be because of one of several reasons. You want to start a new career; you feel the need to finish your education; you need to feel challenged; or your children are now grown and you need to have something to occupy your time. Whatever is the reason, it is never too late to gain more knowledge.

Mature students have to prioritise more than younger ones. They usually have families and their family needs have to be taken care of first or there has to be cooperation within the family unit for this project to be a success. Make sure that you let the family know what you are doing and how it would impact their lives in some way. You need to have as much time as you can get.

The most stressful part of your course is having to prepare for and deal with exam stress. There are some things you have to consider before taking the exam which would help to alleviate some of the stress. You should sit in the class in a position where it is easy to hear clearly and would enable you to take notes. If you do not understand something, don’t be shy to ask at that moment or wait until the class ends. Make friends with some of the students in the class and ask if you can join some of their study groups. You may be able to add insight through experience.

Don’t depend only on the Internet for information. Go to the Library and follow up on the information which is given in the books chosen for the course. You will have all the knowledge you need to enable you to understand the questions. Try to understand what you are reading, because if you do you will be able to retain the information.  Remembering a lot of facts is not really necessary if you understand the salient points. This would lessen the stress if you can write in your own words.

The days before the exam try to get the cooperation of your family. If you are working, request a day from your annual holiday or some companies will permit their employees a study day, especially if the course taken is beneficial to the company. If your children are young, you can hire the baby sitter to take care of things so you will have some time to study. Do not cram a lot of facts at the last minute as this will only heighten anxiety and cause stress. Go to bed early. Get up early and arrive at the site of the exam at least an hour before it starts. Mature students mostly do well when they return to school, it just needs determination.