Mature Students how to Work and Study at the same Time

People who are studying at college will often need to work in order to fund their studies and lifestyle.  These people will need to find a way to work and study at the same time without neglecting one or the other.  Listed below are a few tips to help students do this.

1.  Have Good Organization Skills

The first thing a people who plans on working and studying should do is buy a diary.  They can then list down classes, work shifts and plan when they are going to study.  It is important that every class gets equal amount of time so that the student does not fall behind in their coursework.  Also work should not clash with class times.

2.  Make Use of Flexible Areas in a Schedule

Some items in a schedule cannot be changed.  Examples of this are class times and work days.  However the rest of the time can be changed.  It is important that students understand that they will need to be flexible.  Sometimes things come up that cannot be avoided.  At times like this the student will need to take a look at their timetable and see what can be moved around.  Having a bit of flexibility will allow a student to live a balanced life that includes work, study, socializing and family time.

3.  Let Everybody Know About Commitments

It is very important that students communicate their commitments to their employer, family and friends.  This will stop them from double booking the student.  For example an employer will not schedule a shift when he or she knows the student has a class at that time.

4.  Have Realistic Expectations

There are only 24 hours in a day.  A student cannot do everything.  Those that try to do so will find that they crash and burn.  It is important to set realistic goals and schedule in breaks.  This will help prevent burn out.

Lastly students that work and study should make sure that they have enough time to relax and relieve stress.  This can be done by socializing, engaging in sports or joining a group they will enjoy.  Students that are stressed will often find themselves burned out.  This will lead to poor grades and not being able to perform well at well.