Movin on up

Choosing to go back to college after a break, or well into adult-hood is both a Career prep and personal growth combined…and then some. When you go back to school or further your education, you open for yourself new worlds and opportunities. If you are really gearing for a change in your career and going back to school for that is the reason, then you will indeed find additional attributes than a new career. There is so much to be discovered in the world, and starting with an education is a great way to acquire that knowledge. Many people decline going back to school with fairly valid excuses. We’re either too busy, or can’t afford it, or we just don’t know what we want to do in life. Going to college can help you uncover that gift that everyone has inside of themselves. All people are here for a reason, and attending college can help you grow into the person that you are meant to be.

When you enroll in college, you will first have to take courses that are mandatory for every student, or pre-requisites. These classes encompass a great variety of subjects, from languages, to sciences, from humanities to math, to writing, reading and beyond. Simply reading one of these textbooks, you will learn things that you simply had never known of-or even thought of- before in your life. You find yourself piecing the world together, like a puzzle, with small snippets of information binding to each other until they form an entire picture. You will broaden your horizons if you go to college. Simply put. If, however, you are still unsure what you want to do in life, you will quickly find out when you begin taking classes.

For instance, Philosophy sounds to be an intriguing subject. Aristotle, and Socrates go head to head to solve great problems of the young universe. Why are we here? They ask, and how did we get here? Is the Earth round, and what are stars made of? These sound like great questions. This sounds like a good class, you may think, and when you begin taking it, you have the highest hopes that it will inspire you. It may indeed turn you into a philosophical person. It may irritate the heck out of you too. This is where you learn what you have a natural affinity for. If you’re good at math, and you love your science class, then you are less likely to become a writer than you are to be an engineer. You may love what you learn in Astronomy, but it might be difficult for you to follow. Therein lies the answer to all of your questions. You will learn what your skills and weaknesses are when delving in to various subjects.

You will also learn very interesting facts about the world, life, culture, art, languages, the planets, the sun, the moon, and the stars. You will discover what is important in the world and in life. You will grow indefinitely. You will want to read Shakespeare, and you might even understand it. You will find yourself curious about who wins Nobel prizes, and what they do to get them. You will skip a movie and attend the theater. You will discover, and know the difference between Bach and Beethoven, and you will enjoy it. You will watch the local news for reasons other than the weather, and you want to travel to exotic places yourself, instead of reading about them from others. You just can’t say that Dublin tends to be a bit cold if you have never walked the quaint streets of Dubilina or strolled through the windy sea-side town of Howth (and shared a beer with a couple of Irish men on the train ride there!). You’ve never had a Guinness until you’ve had it in Ireland. That is not something that you can experience through pictures and an article. Going to school will make you want to see the parts of the world that you read about in Geography class.

You will learn what is happening to our environment and what you can do to help sustain it. You will learn that even some types of butterflies are on their way to the endangered species list. You will learn so much about the world that you live in, how women are treated in Iran and India, and where you stand politically on virtually any issue in politics. You will know a little bit of everything there is to learn. You will learn words that you’ve never heard before and you will use them. You will have a greater understanding of your surroundings and where you stand in your life. You will meet new people, impress professors, get good grades, earn a diploma or a degree. That will then rank you higher on any employers list, and you will become a hot commodity because you are intelligent, well read, courteous, well informed, and interesting to talk to. Bosses and executives notice those things. You may find yourself graduating from a regular job to a full-fledged career that you actually love doing. The key to life (for most people) is to be happy, which is something that nobody can ever take away from you. Yes, going back to college is much more than Career Prep and personal growth combined.