Online College Classes and a Full Time Job

Are online college classes a viable option for you?

“Making the decision to go back to school isn’t easy. You’ve got to consider your current life obligations, your job, your enjoyment of school, and the career returns you can expect.”

Juggling online college classes with your full-time job can present a challenge. It is probably easier to do than attempting to attend classes at a local college, while you are working full time. One distinct advantage is that when you take college classes online, you can probably work directly from home, which should save you time and energy.  

Consider the following guidelines re how to juggle online college classes with your full-time job.

The importance of good time management:

Time is a major factor to take into consideration when working full time and taking online college classes, too. What you may find is that you never seem to have enough time, so learning how to manage your valuable time efficiently, is important. Even at home, there may be things that interfere with your online class time.

Set a study schedule and try to adhere to it. Online college classes can be very time consuming, especially when there is a lot of reading to do or assignments with deadlines, but stay positive and optimistic. Be aware that exams also can create added stress.   

Setting priorities:

Set your priorities carefully in terms of your full time job, online college classes, as well personal and family life.  

Your fulltime job will likely have to take priority to your online college courses, in terms of allocating your time. Working with online college course material after putting in a full day of work is not always easy either, as you may feel you want to have some time for your family and yourself, so plan accordingly.

Choice of online college classes:

Choosing online college classes carefully when you also work full time will help make your time juggling act easier.

Some online college level classes will have more demands on your time than others. Before you enroll in anything, make certain that you are aware of how much time will be required for each course. It may be easier to enroll in only one college course at a time.

There will always be something unexpected with respect to your fulltime job and your online college classes. Consider your options for college classes and choose only the ones that are realistic and feasible for you.  

Goal setting:

When you are working fulltime and taking online college classes, goal setting is vital to your survival as a student. Do not procrastinate in terms of fulfilling your college course goals, as your full time job and your online college classes may seem overwhelming at times, particularly when you do not stick to your goals.

Seek counseling:

Prior to taking online college classes, it is advisable to seek professional counseling from a college guidance counselor, so that you are fully aware of possible obligations that you may be unaware of when you enroll. Are there certain courses you may not need to take, because they overlap with your fulltime job description?  

Online college classes can be fun, especially when they are interactive. They are challenging, as well as interesting and can give you a break from the tediousness of the routine of a fulltime job. They are also rewarding in terms of potential job changes or possible career advancement in the future.

Learning how to juggle online college courses? It should be fun!