Pros and Cons of being an Adult College Student

Going back to college or starting college as an adult can be daunting, or it can be exciting. Either way it is a challenge, and there are pros and cons to taking the bull by the horns and going for it.

I shall start with the cons because, frankly, there are fewer of them.

As an adult college student, you will most likely have many other commitments – like a job, family and duties to parents, younger siblings and children, and there will be times when fitting in the hours to study seems really hard and all you really want to do is switch off. Timetabling is the key, and it is difficult to start with, but as you come to enjoy your studies you will find settling down to your routine easier. You may have to rely on or call upon the goodwill of others when it comes to helping with chores and looking after children, and you may have to let one of the two things slide – just on a temporary basis.

Financially, studying as an adult can mean you lose income or have to pay for extra things which you may not have expected, like books, travel, meals, and so on. But you have to try to remember it is temporary and budget accordingly. This, however, can make things a bit tight and you may feel you are being selfish when you forego a family treat because you are out of money this month.

All of these things could put adults off of going to college, but there are many pros to being an adult college student as well.

The first is motivation. As an adult, you have decided to go to college to do something which will improve your life. Whether this will help in your career, add to your knowledge on a subject or purely help you get out and about, this will do you good. So go for it.

As an adult, you will be more focused. When you are a young student, life is full of distractions and, for some, working and study are the last things on their mind. As an adult, you – along with many others, will have decided to study and it will become easier.

Meeting other adults with similar interests brings many rewards. Perhaps you have found it hard to discuss the intricate workings of a beehive with your family and now that you are on your apiarist course, there are 15 others all with a similar interest. From adult courses, many people meet others with whom they form business and working relationships, which enhance and improve their lives.

As a way of springboarding back into study, college as an adult can be the best thing you ever did. Even if you start with an evening course, it’s one day a week that should never be put off. Go for it – study what you want and get out there.