Public Speaking Classes for Science Majors

Public Speaking for Science Majors

Living in a lab does not mean that you will not have to speak about the activities in the lab. Sooner or later the research will need to be promoted, defended or explained. Public speaking classes will help science majors to accomplish the task. Many college curriculums require a public speaking class.

Promotional need

Most often businesses, educational institutions who hire science majors need convincing that the research and development is necessary. Before the person working in the science field receives funding for work in science, he or she will need to give a persuasive speech. If the individual remains settled in the lab and does not interact with others very much, there might be some failings in the area. 

In public speaking classes, the science major can start to explore how to persuade individuals to accept his point of view. The class will offer the means to determine the nature of the audience and prepare the speech for the population. Individuals remaining the majority of the day with science oriented individual may believe all have the same understanding of science. Public speaking classes are made up of a wide spectrum of the college population so he or she will have practice convincing individuals who do not share a science background.

 Need to defend

Science is based on theories that explain how or why something happens. A theory is not accepted until it is presented to peers who evaluate whether the theory is valid. The written explanation of the research may exist but tradition requires that someone present the paper before an audience of experts. He might know how to speak with this population but he or she needs to know how to relate to the population in an enjoyable manner. It might be a topic of interest so grabbing the interest might be less, but keeping the audience engaged still requires training. Someone giving a speech would hate to see audience members dozing off while superiors watched.


Once experts accept the research, another population needs to understand the subject.  These individuals are frequently not science oriented. Relating to this audience challenges any speaker. Trying to explain to a population that does not have the background knowledge challenges most. The public speaking class assists speakers to find means to grab attention through strategies to relate to the audience.

 If a science major remains in the lab, public speaking class would not provide an advantage.  Science majors need oral and written language skills.