Reasons why You’re never too old to Return to School

Frequently, while riding on a transit bus or in a conversation at work you will hear a person say, with regret, that some form of schooling should have been done when he or she was younger. These persons act as if some law has been created that demand that once a person reaches 40 or 50 he or she can no longer return to school. Below are terrific reasons why a person can and should go back to school no matter what his or her age.

Learning is the primary reason why you are never too old to go back to school. Since one’s ability to learn only ceases at death, one should never say that he or she can not learn. As long as a person is in decent health, the brain will absorb any new information to which it is exposed. Studies show that the while the brain does age as a person get older, it nevertheless, does have the capacity to make more dendrites, nerve connections, even in later life. (See for more information.)

Attending school can help expose you to new ideas and give you an opportunity to keep apace with new technology. In class you can be exposed to web searching to find information to complete assignments. It is also highly likely that you will need to use email and post your assignments on such educational platforms as Blackboard. Keeping abreast of new computer techniques is a boon in of itself. This is especially true, as knowing how to use a computer and navigate the Internet has become a necessity in everyday living for the majority of the world.

Additionally, underlying benefits of being in school are that you can seek out activities which match those new ideas that can be turned into a new hobby for you. In turn, this new hobby gives you a chance to engage in something that is exciting and fun. Plus, you’ll most likely make new friends with others who also enjoy your new interest.

Returning to school when you are older turns you into a role model for family, friends, and even strangers. Think of all the time you heard someone say, “Oh my grandmother doesn’t let anything stop her. She even went back to college when she was 60!  Or, my grandfather went back to school and then started another career when he was in his late seventies.” One even gets admired by strangers. Newspapers reporters love to report people stories, especially during graduation season, of the oldest graduate in the graduating class being in their 80s or 90s!

In closing, knowing that one’s learning capacity never stops, one creates opportunities for fun and new friends, and that one can be a role model for others are terrific reasons why a person is never to old to go back to school.