Stand out with Prince2

A PRINCE project stands out due to the fact that it is to be operated in controlled environments. The environment in which the project operates has a great impact on the project as the inception, progression and completion has to be carried out in that environment. Whilst the internal environment is controllable, one cannot be sure about controlling the external environment. PRINCE2 is the latest version of the PRINCE methodology of handling projects, and you would learn a lot about the project handling and all its aspects when you decide to do a PRINCE2 course.

One of the first things you learn in PRINCE2 certification is the importance of innovation and creativity. It is a misconception that not all types of projects have a scope for creativity. The fact is that most of the formulaic projects will respond powerfully to creative input. Innovation and creativity can be used to leverage them to outmaneuver rivals who are saddled with limited perspective of their competitive options. Any attempt at innovation and creativity has to be taken on the basis of vision of the project manager. A tunnel vision project manager will be a certain failure. One must develop a very broad vision to be able to innovate and create.

PRINCE2 training will ensure that the project manager links all components of the business on an operational basis. There is extensive communication and collaboration among his team members, departments and management across all functions and disciplines. This cross-pollination does not happen overnight. It needs a lot of experience and exposure to project handling. This is what you learn by doing PRINCE2 certification.

A PRINCE2-trained project manager recognises that he is on a mission to distinguish his project from other projects. Great project managers keep learning how to do things better and keep spreading that knowledge throughout their organisation.

The often and sudden occurrence of change is another theme that is extensively covered in PRINCE2 certification. A change in the environment, culture, work ethics or financial arena can make or break a project. A PRINCE2 certification ensures that the project manager knows how to handle such situations. He would not let them influence his work and he is skilled enough to navigate his way through the rough seas churned by change.

Being a good decision maker will come to your aid whilst handling business risks. Sometimes business risks have to be taken that ensure the smooth progression of the project. The decision has to be given, and a good leader takes the decision fully knowing the risks involved. However, he does it because of his courage and because he has received the PRINCE2 certification.

Thinking, planning, strategising, innovating, learning, and motivating are essential to achieve success in the global arena. Operating a PRINCE2 project in the global environment takes high managerial skills; thus PRINCE2 certification will cover these aspects in detail to enrich your knowledge of project handling.

PRINCE2 training will make certain that not only your project but you as a leader will also stand tall amongst your peers.