Staying Motivated

Keeping an active mind as we progress in both age and career height is always important, and one of the ways to do this is through adult education programmes.

With new ideas continually sprouting, even if the technology itself has been around for some time, it is important for many people to learn new skills. One of the most important is computing, which especially for the older generation can save them leaving home for a product that is not in stock, where they an have it delivered to their front door. This is especially useful if it is a large bulky item. It is also important to remember that for certain people on pensions, they are not living the lifestyle they did when they were working, meaning that a quick price comparison could mean the difference between thinking that a product can be afforded and thinking very quickly that it is out of financial reach. Saving large amounts of money on things like a new TV can be vital for both ourselves and our children’s inheritance.

Having spoken to someone in their 80s on a bus in Cambridge some time ago, she believe that her active mind was how she had stayed so aware, believing that this was also a reason that she had not seen any signs of dementia in herself or the friends that were involved in the same project. The U3A, or University of the 3rd age is an important symbol in the UK of equal rights and an educational system for all, with more traditional courses being ditched in exchange for computing, reading and chess classes, with even the chance to study for GCSE qualifications in several subjects, and for those still in work, learning a new language can improve both career and personal prospects, with 68% of people from a 2005 survey preferring a partner who has the ability to speak another language.

Staying alert is a good opportunity to improve other skills, such as driving, where generally with age reactions are slower. Quick reactions through learning can be a life-saver in several ways, such as first-aid qualifications and improved skills and accuracy when either approaching retirement or having retired some time ago. Another way to stay alert is through writing, which can also broaden horizons in several areas. With new inventions such as the Kindle, it has never been so easy to access either adult education or a healthy mind privately.