The Services are there for us Mature Age Students Returning after so many Years too Frightened

Next week I will be attending a Technical Adult Further Education  course, participating in “Women’s studies,” exciting for me but I am also looking forward to using my life experience to help me in my studies. The reason it has taken me so long is that I have been a wife, a mother, a career, a nurse accountant to the family putting my life on hold. I have the experience of life, now I am looking forward to putting that to good use.

A mature student looking to re-enter the work force is of extreme value to the job market, with the decline of young people entering the workforce many employers are facing shortages of skilled workers. This is where I am looking forward to using my age as an advantage.

By attending TAFE and studying “Women’s Studies,” and eventually gaining certificates two, three, and four, I may be lucky enough to join the workforce after a long drought. I wont lie it is something that I need to do for self-esteem after my marriage disintegrating.

With the knowledge and experience, I have gained over the years along with my skills; I have come to realize they are more off an asset now. The local Tafe institute which I have been frightened to enter for some many years is there to help the mature age student, making the most of what you already have, and take advantage of the opportunities that are out there in the world to grab right now. A successful future for me is not too far away now by returning as a mature age student and taking advantage of my age.

All students can eagerly participate at the local TAFE productively in education and training. The mature age student can learn how to access educational programs. Enjoying a broad range of support from the different services, by attending seminars for the required subject, improving your study skills, participating in the fully equipped libraries, recognition for prior learning is always recognized at TAFE, also the participation in the employment services provided, a free legal advisory service is there for the asking, and most of all student counseling is supplied at all TAFE institutes.

The services are there for us mature age students returning after so many years too frightened to come forward and take advantage of the education that is out there to discover. I am now learning that it is all there for the asking. Now that I have left an abusive marriage of an extreme number of years,

TAFE provide flexible study and time tables for women who have extra responsibilities, which help us get back into the workforce after a break from employment.