The Wave of the Future

There are two main reasons that adults choose to return to school at an older age. One reason may be a matter of personal growth and the other may be a matter of necessity. The individual is either entering college for the first time or they are picking up where they left off. The changes in our current economic climate are forcing previously working adults to learn a new skill-set. The best time to return to college is when you don’t need to, but rather that you want to. The reasons for both and the outcomes can be very different depending on your own personal expectations.

Tips for returning back to school automatically follow the personal obstacles that stand in the way of the would-be student. For example, returning to a ground campus assumes that the older student will be among much younger students and inherently out of touch with the culture and norms of a student body that they think they remember or may have been used to at one time. Having said that, if you are prepared to have the college experience with a group of people that may not see the world in the same way that you do, then by all means, follow your goals and dreams and take that route. Many students of all ages learn better in the classroom as opposed to taking classes online.

The other option is online education. This option could be satisfactory to both working adults as well as older individuals that are trying to achieve a personal level of satisfaction. This option will not give the individual the opportunity to experience college life but may enrich their understanding of constructive thinking and allow them to achieve a certain educational status that they desire. For the average working class individual, it is proven that online education rarely holds the same weight as a formal traditional type of education that actually takes place in the classroom. In this way, online education may seem like the path of least resistance, but don’t think that adding the credential of an online degree to your resume will increase your chances of gaining a stronger foothold in the workplace.

In short, if you have the drive and have a clear-cut plan as to what you want the education itself to do for you, then do the research. The recruiters that follow up the quickest are salespeople and have a personally vested interest in having you enroll into their “university” as quickly as possible. An older student (much more than a younger one) will identify with the fact that nothing worth doing is ever easy. If it seems too good to be true, than it probably is.