Tips for going Back to School at an Older Age

First of all, realize that for whatever reason you had in the past to fore go higher education, is over with, and you cannot go back to the past to re-live it. What ever philosophy you proved to yourself that you could earn the same salary with or without a piece of paper, turned out to be a lie. You found that their ‘was’ a ceiling, that you could only elevate so high before it boiled down to the same thing: List type of B/A degrees here. Masters degrees preferred.
You are quick to realize, going back to school part-time while still at work becomes paramount.
After picking out the cheapest, but still recognized Internet college, you start school again. There is a kind of fog that remains in the head – it’s like, you can almost see clearly, except for all that cloudiness. Yeah, that’s normal. It’s because you’re forcing yourself to be educated once again in things that your subconscious had deemed useless fodder – calculus? Geometry? Was there an actual purpose that someone found a need for higher math? It takes time to re-train your mind to accept what you need to accomplish. You have to keep it up, keep your study time scheduled, until your mind accepts that this is what you truly want to do. While this battle is going on, I suggest that you not take classes that you’ll have a hard time with. If its been more than 20 years since your last class, take a single adult education class to get yourself back into the swing of it.
Once the clouds start to break up, bring it on. Hit school fast and hard, and with as much passion as you did when you went to work without it. You’ll find that you’re head above the rest because you’ve always succeeded where you had to prove yourself. Now, well heck, you could run for president!