Tips for Managing Time for School

Work, kids, church, sports, family, friends- and now you are thinking about going back to school?  The most important aspect when considering enrolling in school is managing time. Below are a few tips that can help you manage your time efficiently so you can succeed in any college program.

Tip 1: Choose a program that fits your needs. There are online degree programs, on-site campus degree programs, classes done via satellite, Saturday classes, etc. Choose the field you want to study and then take the time to select the appropriate program for your life. If you do not have time to physically meet on campuses, you need to take online classes. If you feel you cannot work from home, you need to take on-site classes. There are a variety of ways students can take classes these days. Check into these and choose what’s best for you!

Tip 2: Set a certain time and day each work that you will study and/or work on your assignments. Schools have libraries and learning resource centers. If you wish to take online classes but can’t concentrate at home, you should set a time each week to go to your school library and work on your assignments. They may also be able to assist you with these assignments. For example, the college I work for offers free tutoring and Saturday workshops. Take advantage of these opportunities!

Tip 3: Keep a planner or datebook handy. When you first receive your syllabi, you should mark the days in your planner or datebook in which assignments are due, classes are held, and tests are given. If you foresee a conflict in a date or time with something you have planned previously, speak with your professor early to see what can be worked out.

Tip 4: Keep an open communication line between you and your professors. Make sure they know your situation at home and what obstacles you may face while taking their class. This way you can work out conflicts in advance and you’ll know how and where to contact them when you need assistance. It is much easier (from an instructor’s viewpoint) to work with students who keep communication lines open.

Tip 5: Make your schedule work. If you have other family members in the house, make sure everyone cooperates with your need to return to school. Kids may have to pick-up extra chores, spouses may need to pick-up extra duties, etc. Make a sincere attempt to arrange your household in a way that will accommodate your need to study, write, read, and take exams.