Tips for Participating in Online Classes

Jump on the wagon and sign up for some of those wonderful online classes. There are literally tons and tons of online classes available. You have a huge selection. You can take online classes for work, personal reasons or just for fun. Try out some of these handy tips for participating in online classes after you get your courses picked out.

TIP #1 GET THE BOOKS: You might be tempted to wait on ordering your course books. You think that you can get them later when your budget isn’t so tight. It is important to get your course books as soon as the list you need is ready. Get the books when the teacher gives the list for the class instead of waiting.

TIP #2 BUY SUPPLIES: Ok so you sunk all that money into the course. Well, it’s time to sink a little more into supplies. You will need to have general school supplies like highlighters, sticky notes, printer paper, printer ink, paper clips, staples, note cards, notebooks and paper. Think back to when you were younger and in school. What type of supplies did you need to study best?

TIP #3 DOWNLOADS: You will need to download and install software on your PC for the many online classes. This software will let you hook up with the professor for video classrooms. Some need you to have software to view the virtual classroom area on the web. It really varies from online class to online class. Get someone to help you to download and install the software you need for the class.

TIP #4 BOOKMARKS AND EMAIL: What a pain it is to type the same URL over and over in your web browser. If you don’t know how get someone to show you how to do make a bookmark. You will also need to know how to add email addresses to your email. I’d suggest setting up an entire separate account just for your online class. You will be less tempted to lose hours of precious time reading all the social email that you have.

Your teacher will have an email address. Add this to your address book.
Most online classes have a message board or forum. You need to bookmark this area. You need to bookmark any websites that the teacher has listed for the course. Most importantly bookmark an online library. You will be spending a lot of time there.

TIP #5 GET REST: Now this might seem like a silly tip for you. Rest is important because you can concentrate better. You can read the material and review it less often because your brain is awake enough to retain the material. You are less likely to make mistakes and forget important things. Even though your schedule is probably crazy, you still need ample rest for online classes. The worst thing to happen is to get sick and not be able to complete your work.

TIP #6 PARTICIPATE: Participate in the message boards and forums for your online class. If you have a question take the time to message or email your teacher. If possible find out the emails of a few of the other students in the class. You can help each other out with coursework and general class preparation. Most importantly attend all the online class meetings.

TIP #7 PACE YOURSELF: You are so excited about getting a degree online. Now you have a chance to actually take some fun courses in an area that you like. People can get carried away. You need to make sure to pace yourself. Do not sign up for too many online courses at one time. The next thing you know you will be burning the candle at both ends and not getting anything accomplished. It is important to pace yourself to take one or two courses at a time. If you can handle that amount of work then the next time add more. Don’t rush into too much at one time to avoid burn out.

TIP #8 SCHEDULE: Set yourself up a schedule to regularly check class emails. You need to read the message boards on a schedule as well. If you don’t know what is going on in the class you are less likely to stick with it until it is done. A schedule will keep you from forgetting that you need to look at the forums and boards.

TIP #9 STUDY REGULARLY: Of course you’re going to study. After all you sank all this money into this class. But life can get hectic. It is important to study regularly. Cramming for tests and rushing through papers means you might not stick with the online class. You may throw up your hands and quit because it is too much. Getting behind is very tough. Study regularly to prevent yourself from getting lost and behind.

TIP #10 LEISURE TIME: Burn out is one of the main reasons that people quit their online classes. They become so burned out from studying, writing papers, doing household chores, working and meeting other offline responsibilities. It can get very overwhelming. Give yourself some leisure time. Plan times that you will watch a television show or go out to eat. You can even reward yourself with extra leisure time for completing class assignments or doing well on a test.

Joining an online class can be fun. They key is to set it up so that you participate in the online class. You need to get the books, supplies and downloads to begin the course and participate. Next you will need to bookmark pages you will visit for the class. Add the email addresses to your address book. Follow a schedule so that you can get rest and leisure time. Ask questions and be involved in the classroom. Make sure to attend the virtual classroom meetings and to visit the forums and message boards. Online classes are a great way to learn, work and handle other life responsibilities. Participation is the key to success.