Why it is Worth going to University as an Adult

Going back to university as an adult can be a difficult and challenging event in life. Adults often face very significant responsibilities in regards to a family and career that a younger, more traditionally aged, college student doesn’t face. I made a decision to go back to school at age 30, after many years in a career that was ultimately dissatisfying. For me, it was certainly worth going back to school.

There are many reasons to go back to university as an adult. The most common reason is to improve your education in the field you work in. There are many jobs and careers where education plays a significant role in your ability to climb the ladder. Although the further you get from you education, the less it generally matters, there are exceptions that make continuing education a good idea.

Many people how find themselves out in the business world go back to get an MBA when they are adults. In fact, there are numerous MBA programs that are geared toward people who are working full time already. Nursing is another career where going back to school can improve your job prospects. There are many advanced nursing degree programs that are geared toward working professionals. These types of programs tend to have classes at night and on the weekends.

The other major reason to go back to university as an adult (the reason that made me return) is to change careers completely. Let’s use my example, as it is very relevant. I graduated with a BA in English and began working as an administrative assistant in the pharmaceutical research field. After many years of kicking paperwork around a desk, I decided that this wasn’t for me.

I applied to medical school, go it, and became a doctor. In my situation, returning to university as an adult wasn’t done to add skills to an existing career, it was done to completely change careers. I couldn’t be more happy that I did this.

But going back to an intense program like that as an adult was not easy. I no longer had parents who were paying for the tuition (although mom made sure I didn’t starve as a medical student, Thanks Mom!). I had to drop a job and a perfectly good paycheck. It was a tough “backward” step that wasn’t easy to transition in to. But in the end, it was the right choice for me.

It can most certainly be worth going back to University as an adult. Whether your goal is to improve already existing job skills, or to change careers entirely, continuing education can be a good thing – it opens doors and improves your long-term situation, even if it can be hard to deal with while you’re doing it.