A look at the Negative Effects of Homeschooling

Negative effects of homeschooling

The parents of over one million students in the United States have chosen to homeschool there children for one reason or another. Whether to experience a unique bond with their children, to provide a better education, or to meet special needs, the decision should be made in a well rounded manner. There are many positive effects; however, there are also negative effects of homeschooling to consider.

Socialization – Many children lose the valuable socialization atmosphere that traditional schools provide. Children learn to interact with one another and adults, function in a multi-individual environment, and develop coping skills that will benefit them when they enter the workforce as adults. While there are benefits for some children to learn in an individual environment, isolation can be an issue if parents do not find other opportunities to socialize their children.

No separation between parent and child. The bond that forms when homeschooling is invaluable; however, it does not provide for a break between the parent and child. Some children can become extremely dependent on their primary caregiver when they are homeschooled. Parents need to ensure that they not only develop some separation form their children, but also find time for themselves.

Lack of learning the norms for future public education. Homeschooled children may be well-equipped educationally to move on to higher education, but they may not learn the norms that are expected within the traditional environment.

Re-integration – Many states do not provide for a high school diploma for homeschooled children. If the parents decide to move the child into high school for a formal diploma, some children may have a difficult time integrating into the social environment, learning in a more structured environment, and may be at higher or lower learning levels than their peers.

Motivation- It is hard to motivate children to do chores. It can be harder to motivate them to do schoolwork. A parent has to remain motivated, as well, when adding the role of teacher to an already long list of parental duties.  

Homeschooling can have a positive outcome for children and many outperform their peers on standardized testing scores. However, parents need to look at all aspects of non-traditional education before making their decision, including the negative aspects of homeschooling. Traditional schools do provide a valuable service to our communities, but for those seeking to have more control over their children’s education homeschooling can be the way to go.