Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education Classes

In recent decades, there have been amazing advances in technology which have affected almost every area of people’s lives, including the opportunities that they have regarding their educations. Today, almost anyone can get the education that they want, whatever their age or life situation. Just as almost every other technological advancement has, online education classes have some advantages, as well as some disadvantages. Often, the same things which may be an advantage to one person will be seen as a disadvantage to someone else, and vice versa. It all depends on each individual’s learning style, ability, and motivation. The following are several things about online education classes which are generally viewed as advantages and others that typically seen to be disadvantages.


Freedom of Time

With most online education classes, you have the advantage of being able to work on them at the times that are most convenient for you. This is especially helpful for people who are maintaining jobs or raising families at the same time as they are advancing their educations. There are also people who learn best at different times of the day because they are at their peak of mental alertness.

Freedom of Location

When you are taking standard education classes, you are expected to be at the school during your class times. With online courses, however, there is no need to stay home while you’re learning. You can take a computer with you wherever you go and learn from there. This means that vacations, business trips, and other things that come up and take you away from home are no problem whatsoever.

Learning Pace

Everyone has some things that they catch on quicker to than they do others. While a person may find math a breeze, this same person might struggle to grasp the concepts of writing. Because online courses are all about you, rather than an entire classroom, you can whiz through the parts that are easy for you and take some extra time to learn the things that aren’t so simple for you to understand.

Environment Selection

Not everyone learns best in the same environment. There are some people who need absolute silence, while others need some background noise. There are some people who like a clear desktop and others who seem to thrive in a bit more chaotic area. Learning online allows a person to create the learning environment that is most beneficial to them.


For education that is beyond the elementary and high school years, there is often a substantial tuition savings to be had by taking classes online. The “school” has little in the way of overhead, since they aren’t dependent on actual classrooms and buildings in which to provide their services, and these savings are usually passed on to the students.


Lack of Motivation

For people who aren’t self-motivated, the lack of external motivators, such as face to face instructors, can present a real problem. They may have trouble keeping on track and meeting any deadlines that exist. It can take a person who lacks motivation an enormous amount of time to get through an online course, or they may give up entirely midway through.

No Instructor Availability at Times

With online education courses, there are different ways that students and instructors can interact with one another. The teachers aren’t always available at the times that the student is ready to learn, so you can end up stuck for a time while you wait for an instructor to become available to assist you in understanding a concept or lesson.

Lack of Social Interaction

For some people, one of the things that they enjoy about standard education is the opportunity which they have to interact with the other students. This is not a part of the online education courses and for some people, this is a real disadvantage.


When a student is still in grades kindergarten through twelve, they could go to a public school which is paid for with tax dollars. Essentially, they can enroll there without paying any tuition, whereas most online schools are privately funded for these grade levels.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to everything in life, including online education courses. Many times, your own personality and preferences are what will determine which is which for you as an individual. The opportunities that technological advances have given to people who wish to learn are excellent resources, though, and have expanded the ability of many people to advance in knowledge.