Advantages of Homeschooling over Public School

Many children worldwide are told that they will achieve much success in life as long as they stay in school and pursue higher education.  Being an educated person can certainly open doors for many people, however, the quality of public school education in North America leaves plenty to be desired.  The way that public high school is set up is very restrictive, offers very little control to parents and students, and makes it difficult for students to get a truly high quality level of individualized education.  Millions of modern families around the world have taken action about the concerns they have about the state of the public education system, and these families have chosen to home-school their children instead of allowing the government to control their children’s education. 

Homeschooling is not a new concept.  Before governments during the 1800s made it mandatory that all children must attend school, parents routinely educated their children at home by teaching them or hiring a private tutor to teach the children.  Private education is much better for students to learn how to grasp difficult concepts and subjects.  No two students are exactly alike; the subject of chemistry might be easy for one student to comprehend, but for another student, chemistry does not make sense to them.  Homeschooling allows a student to learn at his or her own pace and in a way that appeals to his or her learning style.  A homeschooling student also has more freedom to focus on subjects that they are keenly interested in.  Instead of spreading themselves thin by focusing on many subjects and homework deadlines for several subjects at once, homeschooling students can spend more of their time focusing on subjects and interests that will lead to their future careers. 

Public schools, generally speaking, cannot provide the safe environment that a homeschooling environment can provide.  All one needs to do is turn on the television, pick up the newspaper, and listen to the radio to learn about the problem of bullying at public schools.  Too many children have committed suicide because of the physical and emotional torment they faced at the hands of their peers.  Public schools provide little to no protection for students who are being bullied because the teachers are often too busy and very frequently unaware of the problems their students are facing.  If no one intervenes to help children face their problems, children who have a lot of potential can feel hopeless and worthless.  Students who are home-schooled are protected from bullying, harassments, and threats, which can lead to low self-esteem and poor scholastic performance. 

Thanks to Internet and computer technology, homeschooling can be done more effectively than ever before.  There are Online schools such as The Keystone School for students who want to pursue homeschooling or distance education.  For families who want to design their own lesson plans, there are many homeschooling curriculums such as Sonlight that will help parents to teach their children the way that they see fit.  In many cities, home-schooled students can still use the facilities of their local school districts and take part in extracurricular activities at the schools, such as team sports and musical bands.  Because a homeschooling schedule is much more flexible than a public school system schedule, students who are educated at home can finish their studies much sooner and start attending college earlier than most public school students can.  Home-schooled students face far more advantages than disadvantages as the result of having a private and home-based education.