Advantages of using Online Charter Schools when Homeschooling

There are several different methods parents can use when homeschooling their children. Some prefer to purchase boxed curriculum sets while others take the time to put their own curriculum together, tailoring it to the child. There are both formal and informal teaching styles to utilize, or parents can use a combination of methods. One method that many parents use due to it’s many advantages is online charter schools.

Educational standards

One of the most appealing things about online charter schools is that the curriculum is set according to state and national standards. There’s no guesswork involved as to whether the child is learning what they should be, or not. In most cases, charter schools have to maintain higher teaching standards than the public schools do in order to keep their charter status. Therefore, education through a charter school is superb when compared to public schools, in most cases.


When compared to public schools, there is more flexibility when using an online charter school. While they have regulated standards to meet when it comes to how many hours a child works on schoolwork, it can be completed at the child or parent’s convenience. This makes it easier to work around schedules or medical needs the student may have.

The child is assigned work for each subject that needs to be completed each day. This sets a goal for the child to meet to ensure subject matter is well-balanced. However, if the child completes his work, he’s able to go onto the next day’s work and start on that. Or, if he’s unable to complete it, it goes on to the next day’s goals. This allows him flexibility to work at his own pace.

Record keeping

An important aspect of online charter schools is that they maintain records for each child and ultimately have the responsibility of “teaching” the child. This means that the parent doesn’t have to keep track of days the child attended class, work covered, test scores or immunization records. When it’s time for college, the charter schools can produce manuscripts of the child’s work just like the public schools do. This makes it easier for the parent to focus on teaching the child without the headaches and worries of being audited by their state.


Many charter schools offer tutoring in areas a child may be behind in. Charter schools utilize licensed and certified teachers who are knowledgeable of the subject matter. Tutoring is done online or by a combination of using the phone while being online. This helps a lot when a parent may not be as strong in one area of study as compared to others. Some children need a different way of looking at something to understand it, and this may be accomplished with a tutor.

Online charter schools are a great option for families who don’t want to utilize public education, may not have private schools available or who aren’t comfortable with the idea of doing all of the teaching on their own. It allows the child to learn at her own pace from the comfort of her home while receiving the material and help she needs to succeed. Charter schools typically have higher expectations than public schools do, making them a great alternative.