Algebra Tutorials

Algebra need not be so scary. Yes it can be confusing when you have a weird series of letters and operators placed in a seemingly random order, but once you understand the concept that letters simply replace numbers, it’s then easy to learn the subject. Learning algebra will then led you onto learning higher level mathematical topics such as Calculus and solving different types of equations.

Maths is Fun Algebra

This site makes algebra learning fun (if that is possible!) with examples, algebra worksheets and examples. The emphasis is on visual learning, and not so much verbose as to why things are as they are. It jumps straight into example-based learning, and is good at getting the point of algebra over and gets you started on what you want to learn to work with letters instead of numbers. Maths

I have always like, and their Mathematics section is really good. This link will take you to their introduction of Algebra page, describing where Algebra came from and how it was developed and describe the fundamental processes of Algebra. Definitely worth taking a look around the website to find more Algebra related topics and any other mathematical topic you are experiencing problems with.

Macquarie University, Australia

From one of Australia’s University’s Department of Mathematics, this is a very useful PDF file that explains the concepts of algebra such as simplifying Algebraic expressions and working with brackets, through examples and has test questions to help you develop your understanding of the subject. A very worthy resource.

PurpleMaths algebra

Quite simply one of the best algebra websites on the Internet, with extensive tutorials, quizzes, and lessons. Also contains a comprehensive, detailed list of other useful algebra web resources. A definite must have resources for those studying algebra.

West Texas University Virtual Math Lab

An amazing algebra learning Internet resource, this lab contains 36 tutorials including tests and quizzes. Each tutorial is very visual, and very much example led, and at the end of each tutorial there are links to further resources to aid your understanding the specific topic that each tutorial covers. It really is an in depth lab, and is definitely worth looking at.

This is just a selection of some of the fantastic resources out there. Further searches on Google brings up a huge number of different tutorial sites, but the best ones would have to be those resources published by academic institutions such as Universities, although well established websites such as and PurpleMaths are also very good. It’s really best to access as many resources as you can to help develop understanding of the subject matter. It’s all available for free, which is bringing closer the idea that the Internet is fostering and promoting a free education with easy access for all, which can only be a good thing!